Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Replacement Therapy

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Consider growth hormone replacement therapy if you want more energy, leaner muscle, and an improved sex drive. The team of anti-aging and hormone specialists at Performance Rejuvenation Center in Washington, D.C., prescribe growth hormone replacement therapy to men in all 50 states. After your initial virtual visit, the team makes personalized treatment recommendations to restore your hormone levels to balance. Call Performance Rejuvenation Center today to schedule growth hormone replacement therapy or human growth hormone(HGH) therapy.

I'm gaining body fat. Can growth hormone replacement therapy help?

Yes, decline in growth hormone or having growth hormone deficiency is associated with body fat gain – particularly around the midsection, reduced strength, and energy for exercise!

After the age of 30, all men experience a decline in HGH. Though completely natural, reduced HGH levels can drastically affect your health and well-being, impacting your energy levels, decrease your lean muscle and bone mass. libido, and ability to fight infection. 

By restoring your HGH levels to balance, it’s possible to reduce the side effects associated with these and other issues. 


How does growth hormone replacement therapy work?

The Performance Rejuvenation Center team offers growth hormone replacement therapy to men in all 50 states. To enroll in the program, you first need to make an appointment for a comprehensive men’s health exam.

During the visit, your Performance Rejuvenation Center provider reviews your symptoms, treatment goals, and orders blood work to evaluate your metabolic and hormonal health to develop a personalized Growth Hormone Replacement plan.

Once blood work is completed. Performance Rejuvenation Center specialists finalize your treatment. This may involve growth hormone peptide injections. Your treatment is monitored by Performance Rejuvenation Center. Based on your personal feedback and follow up blood work results treatment is adjusted.


What are the benefits of growth hormone replacement therapy?

Growth hormone replacement therapy at Performance Rejuvenation Center offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Better sleep
  • Improved strength
  • Increased endurance
  • Leaner muscle mass
  • Improved concentration


Who is a candidate for growth hormone replacement therapy?

For individuals looking to lose body fat, improve skin elasticity and youthful appearance, improve energy, mental clarity, protect muscle and build new muscle tissue, and improve sleep, Growth Hormone Replacement may help you to achieve those goals!

The Performance Rejuvenation Center team can develop a personalized treatment plan that helps you feel better. Sometimes, healthy lifestyle changes and routine telemedicine checkups are enough to provide lasting relief. 

Call Performance Rejuvenation Center today to schedule a growth hormone replacement therapy appointment, or book your visit online.