What Can I Expect at my Men's Wellness Checkup?

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What Can I Expect at my Men's Wellness Checkup?

According to a national survey, about 33% of men skip annual checkups. Yet, your annual wellness checkup is an essential step in maintaining your overall health and preventing potential issues down the road. 

If you’re due for your wellness checkup 一 no matter how long it’s been since your last one 一 Dr. Kirt Tyson, N.M.D, and the team at Performance Rejuvenation Center are here to provide for all of your men’s health needs from hormone balancing to heart disease prevention.

So, what can you expect when you walk into this doctor's office for your checkup? Let's break it down. 

Friendly greeting

We know it isn’t always easy to talk about your health concerns. That’s why we strive to create a warm, inviting environment. As you arrive in our Washington, D.C., office, the Performance Rejuvenation Center staff warmly welcomes you. It's a good idea to arrive early; you might need to complete some paperwork if it's your first visit.

Comprehensive medical history

You sit down with Dr. Kirt Tyson, N.M.D., to discuss your medical history, including any existing conditions, medications, and your family's medical history. This information helps him understand your health and assess your risk factors for conditions like heart disease or diabetes.

It is also good to share any symptoms you currently experience, including fatigue, low libido, brain fog, weight gain, and aches or pains.

Vital signs check

We measure your blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature. These basic vital signs provide crucial information about your health. Your vitals also serve as a baseline to help Dr. Tyson identify trends. 

Physical examination

Next is a comprehensive physical examination, which may include listening to your heart and lungs, examining your abdomen, checking your reflexes, and more. Don't worry; it's painless!

For men over 50, prostate health is crucial. Dr. Tyson may discuss options for prostate cancer screening, such as a PSA (prostate-specific antigen) test or a digital rectal exam.

Blood tests

Depending on your age, medical history, and risk factors, Dr. Tyson may recommend blood tests. These tests can help identify potential issues like high cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid issues, or other conditions that may not show symptoms yet.

Because Performance Rejuvenation Center offers telemedicine in all 50 states, we can help you get set up with blood work in a lab near you.

Lifestyle discussion

Your Performance Rejuvenation Center team approaches your wellness from a holistic point of view. That means we also chat with you about your lifestyle choices, including diet, exercise, and habits like smoking or drinking. This conversation can help identify areas where you can make healthier choices.

Personalized anti-aging recommendations

Once your blood work results are in, Dr. Tyson may recommend hormone replacement therapy to address hormonal imbalances. Other recommendations may focus on peptide therapy, lifestyle changes that can support your wellness goals, or potential screenings you may want to schedule for the future.

Questions and answers

Don't hesitate to ask questions or voice any concerns during your checkup. We’re here to help and provide guidance.

Ready to book your men’s wellness checkup? You can call our Washington, D.C., office at   202-499-7460 or use our online booking tool any time.