Michael Skinner

Clinic Director in Washington, DC

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Mike Skinner has been with PRC in multiple roles since 2015 from Patient Care Coordinator to Clinic Director. Mike graduated Summa Cum Laude from George Mason University earning his Bachelors of Science in Community Health. This educational background in preventive medicine only helps solidify Mike’s passion for his work at Performance Rejuvenation Center.

“For me it’s simple,” Mike says, “we make a difference, in the lives of our patients.” Prior to joining our team he worked in the supplement and fitness industry and spent 12 years competing in bodybuilding. “I found over the years you could have a well-planned diet and training regimen and still not produce results, in many of those cases sub-optimal hormone balance was the culprit.” Mike found that a proper balance of hormones combined with a sound nutritional and training approach can lead to the best outcomes.

Mike brings his experience in the areas of weight training, muscle growth, fat loss, peptides, and passion for expanding knowledge to our patients. His current areas of study include longevity, growth hormone optimization, sexual health, mitochondrial function, and how stress affects performance.  His passion for the science of human physiology is balanced by his desire to help others achieve their health and fitness goals!